12 November, 2010 § Leave a comment

Hello monkey-lovers,

I went with my old university to Apenheul in Holland two weeks ago and have waited to post because a) I have been working over 60 hours a week the last two weeks and wanted to do it justice and b) I wanted to post some pictures with it.

It was an absolutely amazing weeked, the autumn foliage was stunning and being able to see so many different primate species up close was a privalege.
Because I am a bit rubbish with a camera I have asked Susan Cheyne, one of the trustees of MASC to let me use some of her pictures. This one is a Yellow-cheeked gibbon. Susan is a gibbon specialist as well as an expert on the captive environment and now teaching at Oxford Brookes on the MSc that I and another trustee (Aoife Healy) have just completed. Marie Harmard, another trustee has also completed the Masters but she did it two years before Aoife and me.

The other pictures are of a Aloatran bamboo lemur which is exceedingly rare since it has a highly specialised bamboo diet from around the Aloatra lake in Madagascar and its habitat is being destroyed by slash and burn human activities. The other is a pair of pygmy marmosets looking a little cold considering how far from the warm Amazon they are!

Hope you have made one palm oil-free decision this week to make the world a little bit better!

Monkey hugs

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