Do small things make a difference?

20 November, 2010 § Leave a comment

I’ve been living in the bush in South Africa studying wild vervet monkeys in the Samara Game Reserve. Previous to this my only experience of these amazing clever cheeky little monkeys has been at a rehabilitation centre in Tzaneen, South Africa, where I looked after orphaned, injured and ex-pet vervets. The chance to see them in he wild has been incredible.

The research is being carried out on a private game reserve that has given me much food for thought. But this is a little too much food to munch just now. We can wonder about game reserves another day…

The cool little bit that I am excited about and wanted to share is this – One of my fellow field researchers has decided that when she treats herself to chocolate (and quite a treat it is since we have our fancy town trips only once a fortnight) she now buys Lindt or Toblerone. This is apparently because my conscience ‘got to her’. These little things are encouraging. She’s told her friends. This is even better. Yet my own brother doesn’t give it a second thought. You get to the people you can, and you hope that the little things make a difference.

It is too hot to write any more but I will be back with more ramblings.

Big love and monkey hugs

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