Meet the trustees

20 November, 2010 § Leave a comment

Now a few of the trustees have been signed up I will introduce them each and tell you what to expect from their posts (pictures to follow soon):

Monkeyunmasked – Me (Joy): I am the founder of MASC. I will blog about general this and that since I have fingers in each palm oil-free pie that we cover. I recently completed a Masters in Primate Conservation at Oxford Brookes. My dissertation project is the basis of the charity, Monkeys Acting in Schools for Conservation. I have worked in theatre professionally for the last 5 years and as an amateur for the previous 5 as a technician.

Kingunmasked – Kingsley: A co-founder of MASC. He is our creative director. He is an actor and will be blogging about theatre stuff. He also works with kids and he will hopefully blog about some of the things he has been passing onto the next generation about conservation. He was one of the actors involved in the MASC project for my Masters degree playing the Local Man and a Scientist and a Builder.

Susanunmasked – Susan: Susanunmasked – Susan: Our treasurer. She is an experienced primate conservation expert (PhD and all!). She has a research site in Borneo where she studies (among other things) gibbons, orang-utans and clouded leopards – all of which are threatened by palm oil as are the other non-primate species found at the site. She is Director for Gibbon and Felid Research with OuTrop, Scientific Director of the BRINCC expedition and a post-doctoral researcher at WildCRU, Dept of Zoology, University of Oxford.

Jenunmasked – Jenny: Our events co-ordinator. She is studying for a Masters in Neuroscience and has a first degree in Psychology (where we met). She is great at palm oi-free baking and she is a dab hand with fabric. She has her own fashion blog. She helped me make the tails for the MASC project and is always on the look out for palm oil-free stuff.

Aoifeunmasked – Aoife (Eefah): Our web mistress and designer of printed materials (she designed our awesome logo). I met her on the Masters course I have just completed. She lived and worked in South Africa at the Vervet Monkey Foundation and then specialised in the species group for her dissertation. She is currently in South Africa again studying wild vervets but will be returning to the UK in three weeks. She has a website about vervets as a Least Concern group.

Marieunmasked – Marie: Our fundraiser. Another graduate of the MSc at Brookes but not in our year. She is doing a PhD looking at paternity in gibbons in Borneo using genetic sampling. She is another person working for BRINCC. She is a key person driving for our future aim of living communally in an eco-friendly way.

Benunmasked – Benjamin: Our theatre secretary. Another trained actor who was also involved with my project who is now about to start working for Mencap. He will be acting in the revamped version of the play. He is also involved in a few productions with other companies at the moment, including playing Pilate in Jesus Christ Superstar and the Dentist in Little Shop of Horrors.

Charliunmasked – Charlotte: Our secretary. A mother of two young boys one of whom is our champion of palm oil! He formed a case study featured in my dissertation. She helped organise the pilot study and is invaluable in her ability to give a parent’s perspective on all our planned activities. She has tread the boards in the past and helps us with theatre stuff too.

So there we are, the core of MASC.

Monkey hugs

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