The expense of palm oil-free life

29 March, 2011 § Leave a comment

Aoife and I did the weekly shop this morning and we bought lots of palm oil-free things. Among them Hovis English muffins and Tesco Organic wholemeal pitta. We found Tesco icecream that was palm oil-free too.

One thing that I noticed was that our shop came to at least £30 more than our usual semi-ethical (my parents try to support our cause but poor eye-sight and limited patience for reading every single label means that brands I have not specifically recommended or forbidden are bought at will). Since Aoife is a student and I am working a few jobs and not exactly rolling in it and obviously we are living with parents it is a lot of money to put out every week in the name of a clean conscience.

I am by no means badly-off though, there are thousands in the West who are and no matter how concerned they are about where it came from or who was hurt producing it (humans or other animals) they cannot afford to make decisions that limit how much money they can spend on other things.

These are my hardly original slightly disjointed thoughts about the practice of conservation being the remit of the middle-classes. I have no answers but am still plunging to the depths of my brain for them. Anyone who has any thoughts about the issues feel free to comment, I would love to know what people think

Monkey hugs

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