Pesky pest vervets… and the role of sanctuaries in conservation

9 October, 2011 § Leave a comment

I’m writing a couple of papers on vervets at the moment. One is on arrivals data from a vervet sanctuary I used to live at in South Africa (Vervet Monkey Foundation). The other is an attempt at a compilation of vervet crop-raiding data. I’ve got a few thoughts on these two topics.

One – sanctuaries seem to have been relegated to a welfare issue, on the fringe of conservation. Sanctuaries are on the front line of conservation efforts. Their inclusion in a holistic approach to species protection seems obvious. Their potential for education outreach, on top of the rehabilitation and sanctuary they provide, is something to be harnessed. They have valuable information on threats in local areas, if databases are kept and updated. They would make good bases for researching local wild populations. Some things to think about.

Two – crop raiding vervets are irritating! Primates are too intellegent for any barrier methods to work and vervets are too bloody annoying to go away and too much of a pack of generelists to say no to pretty much any crop! Oh and I am surprised at the lack of crop-raiding studies from South Africa. I’ll see what I think about this when I’m finished it. Right now I’m at a impasse…

There are some monkey thoughts for now.

Irritating to farmers and tourist spots, yes. Beautiful and in need of some help – definitely.

Monkey hugs!

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