Loss of data, inspiration and grant applications

29 February, 2012 § Leave a comment

There has been a long gap since my last post, partly because I have been incredibly busy, with work and MASC activities and partly because my laptop and back-up hard drive died at the same time and I thought I had very few of my MASC files and would have to start again! Thankfully I have got most of it back but have bought another back-up and now need a new hard drive for my laptop.

So what has happened? We did Monkey Biscuits at Beale Park and we raised some money, not as much as last time but the weather was much colder and there were fewer people in the Park in general. We have held auditions and cast for the Roloway play and the new macaque piece.

I have been inspired by the Gruffalo and other things as to how to make the set for our next piece. I am hoping to make a mock up soon and be able to put photos up on here very soon. I have also been taken by a story written by Ben (another trustee) about a little character called Yogle. I have other things to focus on first but once the wildlife parks are closed for the winter and we are back from Morocco I will be developing a new children’s theatre piece for MLC (our sister company) and giving that a go.

Also I have written what feels like 10 or 20 grant applications but I think it is more like 5!

So busy and now productive. Exciting times. I am also getting my head around some fundraising activities

Monkey hugs

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