Open people’s eyes to animal cruelty

1 March, 2012 § Leave a comment

Hello monkeys far and wide,

I have just seen a video of a baby macaque on a pig’s back. The baby monkey is likely to be very scared and is too young to be without its mother. It is being treated as an object of entertainment when it is really a living animal which is scared and alone. To add to the content of the video there are comments on it that say how much the viewers want a pet monkey (as well as others saying that anyone who dislikes the clip hates animals and comedy). After commenting on the video with why it was animal abuse I had a lovely comment back telling me that the monkey was loving it! I know that there are hundreds if not thousands of these videos and we cannot help to influence them all but it is my aim to increase the number of dislikes, reports of animal abuse and comments explaining what it is these ‘animal-lovers’ are actually watching.

I don’t hope to have the video removed, partly because it silences the discussion, partly because it makes us out to be the bad guys and the video is around enough that people already have copies etc. It is out there now, the mission is to change how it is seen rather than to delete it.

So please if you have a second can you please click on the link and dislike, comment or report animal abuse. The number of dislikes is 841 (already more than when I watched it half an hour ago) I would like to get to 1,000 with more measured comments on there as well.

If you do comment, prepare for abusive messages back. Words may sting but ignorance is destroying the lives of so many.

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