Save Your Last Rolo-way

23 March, 2012 § Leave a comment

Hello monkeys!

We are going to be performing the Roloway show at Beale Park in the Beale Centre from the 10th-13th of April with a new cast and a new activity! The activity will be t-shirt colouring; wear your artwork and promote saving the monkeys with your shopping basket.


Laura Fisher – Our new Roloway and Laura will also be playing Muna the Monkey in the new piece called Muna the Monkey and coming to Morocco with us. Although she will be trying to communicate with the audience without words she is well up to the task of monkeying around! She will be staying with us as a warm-up to being in Morocco and only having each other that speak English.

Bonita James – Our new Scientist 1, Jones and Roloway 2. I am looking forward to working with someone who seems as passionate as I do about using theatre for change for the good. She did ‘Crocky wock the Crocodile‘ in the audition and genuinely scared us. She made some lovely primate sounds in the audition that I am hoping to dust off for the show too.

Gavin Moore – Our new Local Man. He is a local boy, I actually bumped into him after a Monkey Monday lecture at Oxford Brookes. He is full of energy and will be great for getting the kids really involved. He played Buttons in panto last Christmas so hopefully he is still in the mood for a bit of ‘it’s behind you!’ and can get everyone to boo the Boss and his plans to cut down the rainforest.

Ben Lawson – Who is not new to MASC (being a trustee and having both been in the Roloway play before and directing it) but new to the role of the Westerner, Scientist 2 and the Boss (boo hiss).

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