Special Monkey Awards

24 July, 2012 § Leave a comment

Today we awarded two ‘Special Monkey Awards’ for participants who really took being a top class primate to heart. Firstly there is Conner who is the first person to manage to swing across the hoops without touching his feet on the ground!

Secondly there is William Parker (who came back again today!) who managed to throw a bean bag the whole way to the black bucket to judge his depth perception! It’s a long shot that I know I couldn’t make and he got the edge of the bucket even if it didn’t go in (which is probably for the best since the bucket was full of water).

We had lots of people playing with our water in the bucket today which was as warm as a bath by the time I emptied it at the end of the day. Alice was playing on the climbing frame and ripped her shorts which was amusing!

But brilliantly on the way home I sprained my ankle so tomorrow I will be a hop-along as well as Alice with her healing leg.

Monkey hugs

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