The final day!

27 July, 2012 § Leave a comment

Firstly apologies to people who checked last night for the blog. We got home just in time to rush out for a family celebration and we decided to have a well deserved evening off!I have counted the money from the event and we made £127.85 including collection boxes so thank you so much for the generous donations! We will be putting that money into Muna the Monkey starting at the end of August.

Yesterday we had a really great last day. Some highlights that were not directly related to Monkelympics were in the morning when I had a baby bat knocked onto my shoulder (they are one of my favourite animals) and seeing William and Emily with their finished T-shirts which was great I felt so proud.

We had lots of people yesterday including some people in the green age group (11-13). We had records smashed all day and went out on a real high with Stan who was only 4 and managed to do better than some of our 5-7 year olds! The next blog post will be who has won the prizes and everyone will be emailed to say thank you.

Monkey Hugs

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