Don’t tar me with that brush

30 July, 2012 § Leave a comment

I am a conservationist, I am an animal lover and a vegetarian. These three things mean that people who aren’t often take an aggressive tack with me and I always make an effort to remain calm and positive. Then from time to time I meet/see/hear of people who ‘share’ my ideals but are very different in their approach to others who do not.

I don’t eat meat but have no problem with the fact that other people do, particularly if they make sure their meat comes from ethical sources. I am emotionally resilient enough to cope with the fact that animals that I find beautiful and charming in life are someone’s food source.

Everyone has to live by their own feeling of what is right. I have no right to judge anyone else’s decision of what constitutes right or wrong. I would rather vintage fur was worn to get the most use out of it than thrown away or have red paint poured on it.

What’s more I think that most people who fall into any of the three labels that I mentioned at the beginning do not judge those who do not. There are those who shout louder than the rest of us who hold beliefs that are just as abhorrent as they find the lack of respect for animals. These are the people that flash into a stranger’s mind when I say I am vegetarian. People worry what they can say to me and whether I mind if they eat meat or wear leather. I am realistic – I am white, middle class, leftie and female. It is a luxury to chose to buy products that are ethical. One that I couldn’t afford in a different situation.

So basically I am very lucky to be able to be thinking about what makes me comfortable ethically when other people are wondering what is going to feed their families whether that is bush-meat or taking a wild animal and selling it to someone as a pet.

Thoughtful monkey hugs

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