15 August, 2012 § Leave a comment

So I have bought most or all of the costume I need to buy. I have arranged to borrow some more and Jen is very kindly making some. That means costume check.

I started papier-macheing (?) the props yesterday and have so far done a ball and a cactus. A few more things to go then decorating.

I have 14 or so useable poles out of 35 so today I am going to try and finish them. Then I can cut, sew and draw out the backcloth which will hopefully be ready for painting on Monday next week. I am going into Oxford and picking up the wood for the set tomorrow so that will be something I can do on Sunday.

I am also visiting Christine Brewster of Stripey Basket today to talk to her about potentially making Ahmed the tortoise’s shell.

So all in all things are going quite well. I keep meaning to post pictures but I haven’t been able to get the device that gets them off my camera.

Monkey Hugs

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