Edinburgh Zoo

5 November, 2012 § 2 Comments

Aoife and I had a holiday at the end of September when we went to Scotland. We stayed in a beautiful spot near Linlithgow. This is the stunning view from the balcony:Image

We spent a lot of time hanging out at the house and recovering from the trip to Cornwall with Muna (more 


on that later) but we did a few day trips. One was to Deep Sea World where we saw sharks and lovely RAYS!! One was to the Scottish Deer Centre which had a lovely selection of deer species and native Scottish animals. We went to several talks and displays and learnt about deer population management techniques avoiding culling. We saw a fox, lynx, Scottish wild cats and wolves but didn’t see the red squirrels.

This stag was rolling around in the soil, the felt was coming off his antlers. If I remember correctly this is a white-lipped deer. We bought three bags of food and then saw no deer for ages, we had nearly a Imagewhole bag left when we got to the end and fed it all to the group of deer who were going mad for it. Here is Aoife modelling her MASC hoodie. This stag was really gentle, one of the stags who didn’t seem to be old enough to have antlers (or possibly is a beta-male and is not able to grow antlers) was bullying everyone out of the way of the food. 

Despite severe weather warnings, the weather was mild enough for the whole trip except a deluge before going into Deep Sea World (which seemed appropriate).

ImageOn the last day as a spur of the moment thing we decided to stay for an extra night in a B and B in Edinburgh and go to the zoo. What a brilliant day! We didn’t see the pandas but we were walking down one side of the monkey house when suddenly we saw….This is a Diana monkey a close relation of the Roloway monkey. I had never seen either in the flesh before and it was very exciting to see them using all the aspects of their enclosure. After standing and watching them for quite a while we decided to head on. Then just round the corner was….Not just was it the species we had just finished looking at with ImageMuna but they support BMCRif, our collaborators. What an exciting day for MASC! We also went on to see geladas (Aoife’s favourite) and tapirs (my favourite) and many other lovely enclosures and animals.


A lovely, much-needed break was had by all

Monkey hugs

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