Why I don’t watch the news

13 January, 2013 § Leave a comment

Last night Aoife and I sat at home with our bowls of cup-pie (with a very small amount of ice-cream each) and watched the film The Pianist I have been told it is a must watch film and I hate the unmatched pointer it generates in my head when I haven’t watched one. We gave up about 25mins in, after the man in the wheelchair was thrown out of the window and the starving man sucked some kind of soup off the muddy ground. I am sure it is a work of brilliance and that plenty of people will think we should have finished it but I really do not see any need to crush myself that much. I know that it is important that we remember the things that happened during the Second World War but for the same reason that I don’t watch nature documentaries or the news – I know.

I know that horrible things have happened and are happening, I am aware that there are countries where there are armies of orphaned children killing their families, that there are species that are becoming or are ecologically extinct, I know that people all over the world are starving and desperate. I don’t need to see it everyday. I think it most days. MASC is about promoting positive conservation and for a reason. I find the knowledge of the state of the world crippling at times and what can I do to both save the planet and the people and somewhere in there fulfill my personal goals. Yes my personal goals are a mockery of those people whose goals are to eat today but my feeling guilty about it or even joining them is not going to improve their lot. My only hope is education. By educating the general Western public about the impacts their actions have then maybe we can as a whole change behaviours and habits and improve the lives of humans and other animals all over the world. A lot of the damage done on behalf of those in the West is hidden from them, I don’t think most people are heartless and many people would be heart-broken to know that their actions are causing destruction.

That said some people will change if they are informed, other people are bogged down in their own problems and that’s OK too. If someone can just take a few minutes a week to make a few ethical decisions in what they are doing then that is a step forward and no one should feel that because they are making a small impact that it is not worthwhile. Every ethical action is.

I hope it is thought-provoking and ultimately positive rather than depressing.
Have a lovely Sunday and feel good for everything that you do that helps the planet or another person.

Monkey hugs

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