How MASC got its cast, Oh Best Beloved

20 May, 2013 § Leave a comment

I was absolutely blown away by the cast we used in Martil. Before we arrived we had arranged to work with one group and then when we arrived and arranged a meeting with them they didn’t show up because they were tired from rehearsing for a show that weekend as part of the Tetouan Theatre Festival. That was fair enough but we thought, since we might not be able to get them for another week that we would try to find another group.

DSC05211This we did, in Martil (the town outside Tetouan where we were staying) just round the corner from us was a little theatre group. We managed to arrange a meeting with their director and he said that once they had done their show (part of a theatre festival too) they would be more than happy to come along. We cast it on the beach on the Saturday and Aoife and I saw their show in the festival on Sunday. They then turned up for rehearsals every day for the following week including Friday (which is the Sabbath in Islam) after school for a couple of hours and persevered with my direction in broken French.

I cannot imagine if I had wandered into any small student theatre group on a Friday when they had a show on Sunday that I would have got the same response in the UK,DSC00565 even though I speak the same language! Their director, Norddine and Ahmed from BMCRif spoke French, some of the cast did, but not all so I would explain to Norddine and he would explain in Arabic to the cast. The patience they had was astounding.

We double-cast the show and those who weren’t on stage that day would happily sit in the audience and watch, correcting when those on stage went awry. It was an amazing experience from start to finish and I hope that Marso, Nabil, Arafa, Fatima, Bouchra, Rida, Wigdane and Morad are all very proud of themselves.


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