Where is the positivity?

29 May, 2013 § Leave a comment

I know that there are lots of places in the world where conservationists are fighting a losing battle, I know that in many places we have already done more damage than can be repaired in hundreds if not thousands of years. I know that species are in trouble and much of that is simply because there are too many humans in the world.

BUT, I also know that those many humans are all just trying to live their lives. The few who have power to change, those in the affluent Western consumer countries, have been made to feel powerless. Every time conservationists tell other people it is too late, they give up a bit more. We already are trying to persuade people to change, which they are not in the main overly keen on, why would we add to the barriers we have to break down to reach people? It is our responsibility to make people feel empowered, that they can make a difference. Every time a victory is won it should be celebrated no matter how small.

I invite conservationists to submit small victories they have had, whether they be people in their field sites who protect the wildlife that was once over-hunted or a successful petition to a company or government, if you have had a child tell you what you are doing is great or a friend pass on the message. Anything, we have to keep our chins up!

Here is my positive thing for the day, these two kids are followers of MASC who inspire me with their passion for conservation!


Monkey hugs

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