Neither Tasty Nor Sustainable!

17 March, 2011 § Leave a comment

Now let’s be honest, food that you can buy on trains/planes etc. isn’t great at the best of times and one should generally take a packed lunch or similar when travelling long distances.

I didn’t plan ahead on my commute back from London and thus decided to visit the First Great Western onboard Snack service.

Not great, as every single sandwich had vegetable/palm oil listed amongst the ingredients. So, if you’re travelling with First Great Western: Make sure to get a snack beforehand.

If you fly with BMI (British Midland International) you should watch out too! On a recent flight back little Snack Packs were handed out and one of the ingredients listed was palm oil!


Organic? Yes! Sustainable? Who knows!

7 January, 2011 § Leave a comment

Hello everyone out there!

Now, it took me ages to get around to blogging this, however recently (or … 1 months ago more like) I was on the look out for lunch and was about to grab a sandwich from Sainsbury’s.

They usually have Fresh Organic Sandwiches, which I quite like. However reading the ingredients list on their Egg Florentine Sandwich, I found Palm Oil listed.

They actually added a little star, saying that it was organically grown. Now, that does not mean that the palm oil plantation it is grown on is ethically sustainable.

I have emailed them, however received no reply so far. So, if you do eat Fresh Organic Sandwiches, carefully check the ingredients list, as some of them aren’t safe to eat.

Also: Marks and Spencer real Lemonade (I can’t quite remember which one) contains Palm Oil. What do you need oil for in a lemonade??

So be careful what you eat! Have a good week!

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