Talk Tonight at Oxford Brookes

5 November, 2012 § Leave a comment

Hello monkeys,

A long silence due to us taking a little break for personal reasons but we are back up and running now! Firstly an event. If anyone is around the Oxford area and wants to hear me talking a little about what MASC is and how it was set up then come to Oxford Brookes, Gypsy Lane Campus, Room something! I seem unable to find out which it is. If you are interested turn up at quarter to six and ask for the Monkey Monday or the Monday night seminar series. There should be people around to point the way!


Monkey hugs

Cornwall and a holiday!

24 September, 2012 § Leave a comment

Hello everyone,

What a busy few weeks. Now safely on holiday I am able to debrief about Cornwall. We had a great time, visited Linda Byrne who generously gave up her house for us one night. We saw everyone at the Monkey Sanctuary and did 4 great shows. We have even made a few contacts for a mini-tour next year! I will add some pictures to speak more eloquently than my addled brain!

Monkey Hugs

Muna the Monkey first run

4 September, 2012 § 1 Comment

What a whirlwind, from production to rehearsals to a run in a few weeks and my brother got married in the middle of it! We have had great feedback from the show and made £103.31 for the cause so that’s great. We are now gearing up for our visit to The Monkey Sanctuary in Cornwall. Washing to be done and mending. Here is a slightly low-res photo of the show to give you a teasing taster of what it looks like.

Muna and Ahmed – our two central characters

The children travelling with Muna to the UK

Muna meets Lily (another rescued macaque) at a sanctuary

Muna, Lily and Bert (a rescued fighting monkey) enjoy a groom

Monkey hugs

So we open!

30 August, 2012 § Leave a comment

Throughout the last two weeks we have been putting the finishing touches on the show. Finally, today we open for our first show of Muna the Monkey. The cast are great with Laura Fisher playing the eponymous Muna in such a gentle and caring way, she really touches your heart. Bryony Tebbutt and Matthew Vernon playing multiple parts each with energy and power, some funny, some scary, some sweet. Redvers Lawson plays the narrator and Ahmed the Tortoise, who guides Muna through many dark hours. I hope to have photos of the show today to put up this evening.

Good luck to everyone and I hope there are plenty of people to come and see the show today.

Excited monkey hugs


15 August, 2012 § Leave a comment

So I have bought most or all of the costume I need to buy. I have arranged to borrow some more and Jen is very kindly making some. That means costume check.

I started papier-macheing (?) the props yesterday and have so far done a ball and a cactus. A few more things to go then decorating.

I have 14 or so useable poles out of 35 so today I am going to try and finish them. Then I can cut, sew and draw out the backcloth which will hopefully be ready for painting on Monday next week. I am going into Oxford and picking up the wood for the set tomorrow so that will be something I can do on Sunday.

I am also visiting Christine Brewster of Stripey Basket today to talk to her about potentially making Ahmed the tortoise’s shell.

So all in all things are going quite well. I keep meaning to post pictures but I haven’t been able to get the device that gets them off my camera.

Monkey Hugs

Production begins

31 July, 2012 § Leave a comment

After spending the day calling places yesterday ordering the big things to make our show from. So that was the book cover and frames for pages and all the fixings. Today I went with Ben to buy the decorative bits so fabrics and paint and things. I am excited looking at all the bits in front of us and getting ready to make things.

I will publish my diagrams of pages when I have finished them.

Busy monkey hugs

The final day!

27 July, 2012 § Leave a comment

Firstly apologies to people who checked last night for the blog. We got home just in time to rush out for a family celebration and we decided to have a well deserved evening off!I have counted the money from the event and we made £127.85 including collection boxes so thank you so much for the generous donations! We will be putting that money into Muna the Monkey starting at the end of August.

Yesterday we had a really great last day. Some highlights that were not directly related to Monkelympics were in the morning when I had a baby bat knocked onto my shoulder (they are one of my favourite animals) and seeing William and Emily with their finished T-shirts which was great I felt so proud.

We had lots of people yesterday including some people in the green age group (11-13). We had records smashed all day and went out on a real high with Stan who was only 4 and managed to do better than some of our 5-7 year olds! The next blog post will be who has won the prizes and everyone will be emailed to say thank you.

Monkey Hugs

Poorly sick

25 July, 2012 § Leave a comment

Today we are not at Beale Park doing Monkelympics. Between Ben being poorly sick and seeing the doctor today, me spraining my ankle yesterday when we were packing away and Alice being bitten on the face and now standing a fair chance at winning a Miss Elephant Woman competition we are having a day of recovery! We hope to be there tomorrow again with fresh blood in Aoife. I was considering posting a picture of my ankle and Alice’s face but I thought no one needed to be put off their food!


Poorly monkey hugs

Special Monkey Awards

24 July, 2012 § Leave a comment

Today we awarded two ‘Special Monkey Awards’ for participants who really took being a top class primate to heart. Firstly there is Conner who is the first person to manage to swing across the hoops without touching his feet on the ground!

Secondly there is William Parker (who came back again today!) who managed to throw a bean bag the whole way to the black bucket to judge his depth perception! It’s a long shot that I know I couldn’t make and he got the edge of the bucket even if it didn’t go in (which is probably for the best since the bucket was full of water).

We had lots of people playing with our water in the bucket today which was as warm as a bath by the time I emptied it at the end of the day. Alice was playing on the climbing frame and ripped her shorts which was amusing!

But brilliantly on the way home I sprained my ankle so tomorrow I will be a hop-along as well as Alice with her healing leg.

Monkey hugs

What a scorcher!

23 July, 2012 § Leave a comment

Today was really rather hot! We wore lots of sun-cream and drank water but I got so hot that I stuck my head in the bucket of water we had for one of the games. It kept me cool for a few hours so I will remember to do that if it is so hot again tomorrow. Alice decided to test out her healing foot which she broke earlier this year. She climbed up the rope and slid down the pole, not bad going for someone who has been having trouble walking or standing for any length of time.

We met lots of new people interested in MASC. We had two of our competitors in the blue group came in and broke some of the previous records so well done to both Sofia Walker and Theo Mitchell. We have a new red group leader in the bean sorting in Natalia Walker. Alice finally managed to get an action shot of someone sliding down the pole.

Looking forward to seeing more people tomorrow and hopefully some more sunny weather.

Monkey hugs

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