Speak up for the rainforest

5 March, 2013 § Leave a comment

The Sumatran Orangutan Society are asking people to write to their MP to prevent the government giving subsidies to bioliquids for fuel since it is predominantly palm oil and to grow it in the necessary quantities will endanger even further critically endangered species like orangutans, leopards, Roloway monkeys, insects, plants, and lots of other good things! You just need to find your MP and use the template letter to ask them to help.

Please do, we can have power when we all stand together to stop this ‘greenwashing’ where we replace the harmful fossil fuels with far more planetarily destructive bioliquids.

Empowered monkey hugs

Naughty Nutella

30 March, 2012 § Leave a comment

Ferrero the company that makes Nutella on their FAQs does a bit of written chicanery around whether they use sustainable palm oil. Below is the quote from their site:

Does Ferrero support responsible palm oil use?
Yes. As a member of the RSPO (Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil), Ferrero only uses palm oil which is extracted from controlled plantations in Malaysia.

You see here they have said they are members of the RSPO (which plenty of companies are). Being a member only means you say that you support the concept of sustainable palm oil. It requires no commitment from the members in the form of actually using sustainable palm oil. Some members do, some members don’t. This is often referred to as green-washing. They have not stated that they use RSPO certified palm oil and it has been suggested that even when plantations are certified they may not be upholding the best environmental standards.

The phrase ‘controlled plantations’ is vague enough that it sounds like it means something when it actually has no defined meaning.

So my thoughts are ‘naughty Nutella’

Ethics vs Price

18 January, 2012 § Leave a comment

Once again I am struck by the eternal problem of price vs ethics. Only those who are very affluent can afford to make only ethical decisions. My partner and I are not particularly well off, one student and one casually employed technician, both working for a charity. We are both passionately driven conservationists. We can’t afford to only buy ethical things.

Wherever possible we buy local, ethical and particularly environmentally sound. This can add as much as a third onto our weekly shop. So what do you do?

Can you cut out things that are fairtrade and focus on organic? Should you focus on buying local food from Farmer’s markets or organic from a consumer giant like Tesco? Is it better to focus on ethical food and forget toiletries and clothing? Should you go and get things from the green grocer, butcher, baker etc separately or only drive to one place and get everything there?

Each person has to pick which things are truly important to them and allow themselves to have a treat from time to time. None of us can survive without filling the tank of happiness!

So the moral is, make ethical choices where you feel you can and let yourself off where you can’t

Monkey hugs

Nestle vs palm oil-free? Ethical choices

8 October, 2011 § Leave a comment

In the recent spell of hot weather I found that Rowntrees Fruit Pastilles lollys are palm oil-free. Having previously been limited to Calippos, which I really love but feeling like a change I was left with a moral dilemma.

Should I buy a Nestle product (which I have been avoiding since I was a child) that is palm oil-free? Is it going to encourage a company with questionable ethical history to make me palm oil-free products or am I using it to salve my conscience? Or should I allow myself to have a treat that adheres to the largest of my ethical concerns understanding that you cannot, in this place and time, live a completely ethical life and that by making myself guilty about every purchase I am not helping anyone?

So in the end I bought it (and one for Aoife) and I enjoyed it in the sun and allowed myself to relax for an hour before getting stuck into some new exciting monkey projects!

Guilt-free monkey hugs

Which of Britain’s top brands contain palm oil?

22 July, 2011 § Leave a comment

Have a read of this very interesting and informative article published by The Independent. The article Palm oil in Britain’s top brands lists Britain’s top 100 brands and tells us the product’s rank, the manufacturer, sales and whether or not each product contains palm oil.

There are some interesting finds. We feed our cats Whiskas and Felix and I was delighted to know both are palm oil free!

Palm oil project threatens both people and rainforest in Cameroon

11 July, 2011 § Leave a comment

There is a plan to develop a 72,000 hectare palm oil plantation in the rainforest of Cameroon. The destruction this deforestation would cause is devastating.

Have a look at this petition siteĀ http://www.rainforest-rescue.org/ and if you have the time or the inclination, add your signature to do your bit in the attempt to prevent this loss.

Monkey hugs!


Palm oil-free Easter eggs

19 April, 2011 § Leave a comment

I found in Tesco’s the other day that most (if not all) of the Finest range of Easter eggs and cakes are palm oil-free. So enjoy the lack of guilt in this time of chocolate.

Although Green and Blacks is generally palm oil-free the butterscotch and any with raisens is not and the butterscotch is the one that they make an Easter egg of.

Oh well you win some and you lose some

Have a great Easter

Take action today

12 April, 2011 § Leave a comment

Last chance to tell your MEP that you want palm oil to be labelled clearly in the EU. Just follow the quick link


Neither Tasty Nor Sustainable!

17 March, 2011 § Leave a comment

Now let’s be honest, food that you can buy on trains/planes etc. isn’t great at the best of times and one should generally take a packed lunch or similar when travelling long distances.

I didn’t plan ahead on my commute back from London and thus decided to visit the First Great Western onboard Snack service.

Not great, as every single sandwich had vegetable/palm oil listed amongst the ingredients. So, if you’re travelling with First Great Western: Make sure to get a snack beforehand.

If you fly with BMI (British Midland International) you should watch out too! On a recent flight back little Snack Packs were handed out and one of the ingredients listed was palm oil!


Organic? Yes! Sustainable? Who knows!

7 January, 2011 § Leave a comment

Hello everyone out there!

Now, it took me ages to get around to blogging this, however recently (or … 1 months ago more like) I was on the look out for lunch and was about to grab a sandwich from Sainsbury’s.

They usually have Fresh Organic Sandwiches, which I quite like. However reading the ingredients list on their Egg Florentine Sandwich, I found Palm Oil listed.

They actually added a little star, saying that it was organically grown. Now, that does not mean that the palm oil plantation it is grown on is ethically sustainable.

I have emailed them, however received no reply so far. So, if you do eat Fresh Organic Sandwiches, carefully check the ingredients list, as some of them aren’t safe to eat.

Also: Marks and Spencer real Lemonade (I can’t quite remember which one) contains Palm Oil. What do you need oil for in a lemonade??

So be careful what you eat! Have a good week!

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