Panto’s over blues

7 January, 2013 § Leave a comment

We finished panto last night, it was a great run and was great to see so many people from previous years and make new friends. I will now be back on here a little more frequently.

One thing that bowled me over about the end of panto was that in less than an hour the venue went from being panto to being the Hexagon Theatre with some panto set on stage. In two days when we are preparing for the next gig in it’ll be like panto never happened (except for the large scrape Steve and I left on the wall with the hydraulic truck). Panto is magical in that it is a time and place where and when everyone is together with the same problems and most people have their lives on hold so panto becomes everything to that group! When it is over it is melancholic but positive. Next year, even if we did the same panto with the same people it would not be the same place. That place is gone and there’ll be a new one next year. 

The wonder of theatre hey!Image(If anyone would rather I didn’t post this picture then I will take it away toot sweet!)


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